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Computer running slow? Get Linux.

Posted by Mr. Wister on April 7th, 2009 under random complaints Tags: , , ,  •  No Comments

Batshit crazy. Everytime I hear and see commercials for “Is your computer running slow? It’s not your fault! Download our computer cleaner!” I just want to bang my head against the wall.
First, it IS your fault that your computer is running slow. Even if you didn’t download the gigs of porn you say that you [...]

iContact i-sucks

Posted by Mr. Wister on February 26th, 2009 under random complaints, sagas Tags: , , ,  •  No Comments

Maybe its just me, bad karma or something, and I should stay away from anything with an ‘i’ in the name that tries to make itself look trendy, hip, or whatever the i is supposed to stand for. First the ihome, now a company called iContact.
Here’s the short of it. I found the company because [...]

3 minor complaints about the G1

Posted by Mr. Wister on February 18th, 2009 under random complaints Tags: , , ,  •  No Comments

With the whole T-mobile customer service saga behind me, I received my new phone (yep, it was a G1. Hey If you’re going to upgrade might was well be to a smartphone.) I will give T-mobile credit on the shipping – it arrived within 2 days. Now just fix that whole web / tracking thing [...]