Someone tell Congress what the banks are doing now!

Okay, so you know how there’s this thing right now, some kind of financial thing, where banks are about to fail and they aren’t making loans or not giving consumers money to “jump start” the economy. Yeah, must have just happened the other day because I for one know nothing about this. {grin}

And you know how the government is bailing out all these banks with billions of dollars so they can start lending and being consumer friendly again?

Perhaps they didn’t get the memo that part of being customer friendly and lending (the opposite of trying to raise a ton of money at the expense of its customers) is to NOT RAISE INTEREST RATES they control!

I don’t know about your experience, but every single credit card I have, including the fixed and variable rate ones, are increasing their rates by about 2-3 times! Even cards that I’ve had for 10+ years are being raised so they can make a few extra bucks off me because they’re in need.  What the fuck is that about!

Think this practice will make me want to use the card more? Fuck no! In fact, I intend to pay down the card, cut it, and never use it again. But keep it. And I’m going to start calling a few times a month just for the fuck of it. Make them spend more money on me even though I don’t owe them dick.

I just lol’d an evil lol to myself.

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