3 minor complaints about the G1

With the whole T-mobile customer service saga behind me, I received my new phone (yep, it was a G1. Hey If you’re going to upgrade might was well be to a smartphone.) I will give T-mobile credit on the shipping – it arrived within 2 days. Now just fix that whole web / tracking thing and we’re good.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with it like a dyslexic diabetic in the Ghiradelli shop recently, as expected. And I must say that the phone itself is very, very nice. The touch screen and control (feel of the phone) rivals  the iPhone (IMO) in sensitivity and usability. The qwerty keyboard is nice because it is unobtrusive and much easier to type on than trying to precisely hit a touch screen. And its faster to hit a qwerty keyboard, too.

But everyone who owns a G1 probably already knows about the apps, speed, performance, usability, etc. And I’m not all about spreading the love, so to speak. So let’s get dirty.

Here’s what sucks (albeit, minor suckage) about the G1’s design.

Keyboard: Yeah, the qwerty keyboard is nice. But there is a flaw. Those who are used to typing on a regular qwerty keyboard will find, when typing, their message has a lot of line breaks in it. Why? Because the Enter or Return key is where the shift key normally is. And the Delete key is where the Enter key usually is. It takes some getting used to.  Its a minor inconvenience. But when you’ve been exposed to a normal qwerty layout for years, and you can go relatively quickly even just using your thumbs, you’re guaranteed to hit any of these keys by accident. And curse a few times in the process.

Volume / Ringer control: If you’re using the phone as a phone, it’s perfect. If you use your left hand and left ear to answer the phone, your thumb rests naturally on the volume control. Sliding your finger up or down can adjust accordingly. There’s no need to pull the phone from your ear and adjust the volume like on most other phones. However, if you have the keyboard out, the volume control is at the bottom left. This means your left thumb is resting on the control.  Depending on how firmly you grasp, you’re adjusting the volume. Again, minor. The first few times I did this, of course I said “Shit! What the hell!”. Then I answered the phone and adjusted the volume effortlessly. “Ah….hah. Well then. I guess that’s okay.”

Charging: I’m not going to bitch about battery life. If you have a phone that can do almost anything you ask of it (I installed a ssh app, ftp client, and file browser for crap’s sake) its gonna go through a battery quickly. My bitch here is how you charge the phone. There is a small, flimsy piece of rubber at the bottom of the phone that you remove to reveal a small, proprietary USB connector. You plug it into your computer or an outlet to charge.  Here’s my bitch – the plug or stopper or piece of shit rubber thing is kind of hard to remove – and I have to remove it every night (at least) to charge it. Dammit. Plus, I don’t exactly have long fingernails. So its a bit of a pain in the ass. Or fingers. Or…well its a pain.

And that brings me to a sub-bitch, or related bitch that isn’t necessarily specific to the G1 but it kind of is except its a broader bitch. Um, right. Proprietary USB cords. Why? Why is there a proprietary connecter on one end of the cord? Okay, Apple does it, presumably for some reason. Maybe they felt like they wanted to be different. Fuck it. Whatever. Mac and Apple whores will buy it up. The G1 does the same thing – except as far as I’ve seen this is the only place I can use the fucking thing. At least with the Mac / iPhone cord it will work with ipods and the iphone.

So, why make a new cord. Are you that fuckin greedy that you need a special cord people have to buy if they lose or need another cord? Wht’s wrong with a normal usb cord? Same size…

I have some faith. Maybe they needed 1 less pin, or one more pin, or something like that.

Wait a minute! No, that can’t be right! I mean, how mp3 players out there use standard usb cords? How many phones use standard usb connections? How many camcorders use normal usb and firewire connections? And they work fine! And other phones use normal usb for their computer connections. So Apple clearly wants to be different and force their beret wearing, latte drinking cult to keep buying their custom and proprietary crap “to be different.” Yes, you’re different, like the millions of others out there who have the exact same fuckin thing you do.

Then again, wait. I have a G1. I’m a whore too. I’m just in bed with Google, not apple.

Well, at least the sex is good. And Google always calls me the morning after.

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