Computer running slow? Get Linux.

Batshit crazy. Everytime I hear and see commercials for “Is your computer running slow? It’s not your fault! Download our computer cleaner!” I just want to bang my head against the wall.

First, it IS your fault that your computer is running slow. Even if you didn’t download the gigs of porn you say that you don’t have, or the “free” programs that you found on some Russian website, you’re online. And chances are you’re running Windows.

Next, even if you get this miracle product, that will completely clean your machine and registry, guess what? Its going to happen again.

Also, don’t forget. You’re still going to download porn.

And…you’re still going to go online.

It’s not all Window’s fault. More specifically, its not all Microsoft’s fault. When your OS runs something like 80 or 90% of computers in existence, you’re the natural first target. A hacker or virus writer of spyware author will naturally go after windows and hit a high percentage of users, rather than the 20% that use another OS. But that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

The solution? Get Linux. It’s free. It’s free. As in, it’s totally free. In the legal sense. Not in the “I got my copy of Windows free because blah blah blah.”

Is it as easy to use as Windows? No, I’ll admit that. But…computers aren’t really supposed to be easy to work with. They never were supposed to be. We’ve become addicted to computers, computing, and the Internet because it was made too easy.

Look, seriously, you can do nearly anything with Linux that you can with Windows. 96% of people use their computer for email, web surfing, and typing docs. Linux can do all that.

So, the commercial should be “Computer running slow? Backup anything you want to keep on a CD, go to or now. Then pick up a book and stop surfing online so much. Enjoy!”

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