ihome, i don’t…part 3

So Amazon’s customer service was useless. I had to find the support / customer service link myself (not a big deal, except Amazon gave me the wrong info). And so I land here:


My first email was to technical support shortly after the email from Amazon, since I figured hey, they’d probably be in a better position to help me. Tech support from the manufacturer? Probably the place to go.

I write very nicely the problem, what I’ve done to troubleshoot, etc. And I send off the email.

And I receive…no response. At all.

Okay, well, it was around the holdays. I’ll give them a mulligan on that one.

After the holidays, in fact, over a week later, I write to customer service:

Hello, this is my second communication regarding this issue. The first one I sent to tech support because of the nature of the problem. It has been nearly two weeks and I still haven’t received a response at all.

The problem is regarding my iH9 unit. I bought the unit on October 7 from Amazon.com. The unit has worked flawlessly for a couple months, until a couple of weeks ago when the unit stopped responding. The backlight would not turn on, the radio would not turn on, and the ipod switch stopped working. In fact, the only thing that seemed to work was the alarm noise. Following the instructions I removed the batteriesĀ  and unplugged the unit for 1 hour. In fact, I even left it off for a few hours. I replaced the batteries and plugged in the unit. Same problem. No light, no response. I could not set the time, play the radio, or an ipod.

What now? The unit is less than 3 months old! Please, please someone respond and let me know you got this. And please let me know what I can do to resolve this issue.

Thank you.

And surprise…over a week goes by, nothing.

So I send a second email and followup with a phone call.


First of all, let me say that I can not believe this is my third email concerning this issue and I have yet to receive 1 response of any kind. I have been trying to get in contact with you for three weeks now and have not heard back.

My issue is with the ihome IH9 product. I bought one from Amazon and it refuses to respond. It is (now) a little over 3 months old. I saw that you have a 90 day warranty which is now expired because you refuse to respond to my requests for assistance. Technical support has not responded to me either. Please advise ASAP.

The phone call went just as well:

Thank you for calling, all our representatives are busy with other customers…

I like how there is an email form, but it might not work. Or representatives might not care. Either way, now I’m pretty pissed.

More to come, I’m sure.

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