ihome…i don’t, part 1

And so it begins, the saga known as the ihome debacle.

On October 7th, 2008, I bought an ihome IH9 from Amazon. For those who don’t know what an ihome ih9 is…well, here is a picture of it:

ihome ih9 alarm clock radio for ipod and iphone

ihome ih9 alarm clock radio for ipod and iphone

I bought it because on a recent trip, I stayed in a hotel that featured these units and was blown away by the amazing sound and honestly the innovate design. The ipod fits right into the top, comfortably, and the remote allows you near full control of the unit. And if you don’t have an ipod, no worries! It has a line in for other mp3 players. And did I mention you could wake up to your ipod too? Very cool.

Anyway, I’m not into giving you a product review right now…let’s move on.

I use the unit nearly every night to help put my 17 month old son to sleep. I just start up his playlist and let the magic happen. The unit work falwlessly…until around December 20th, when inexplicably, the unit just stopped working. The backlight refused to turn on, the radio wouldn’t turn on and none of the controls would respond. I would plug in the ipod and it would light up as if it recognized it was in a dock…but then nothing. The unit was completely locked up. Strange, since I used the unit just last night. Hmmm.

So, like a good wanna be techie genius, I started troubleshooting. I checked my power connection, changed outlets, changed power strips, changed the back up batteries. I unplugged the unit, took out the batteries, then let the unit sit for an hour (to reset, per the manual.) No change. I inspected the unit visually, to see if there were any marks, such as burns or dents or anything like that. Was it dropped perhaps without my knowing? Not a scratch. from the outside, it looks nearly perect.

Why, oh why god have you chosen to take back my precious ihome into the great master bedroom in the sky?Do you need an ih9 to wake in the morning too? Perhaps want a compact solution to crank out the tunes while judging souls of the unworthy. I can certainly understand. But…here on lowly earth, I need my unit to put my son to sleep. And I would like to get a little more use out of the unit I faithfully paid $100 for.

So, I have no choice. My first stop is the place where I bought the unit – Amazon. Known for their superior customer service and willingness to make the customer happy, they seemed the perfect choice for my assistance request. I knew they’d probably tell me to contact the manufacturer, but I figured I would give them a shot to see what will happen. Now I’ve been a customer for over 10 years. Loyal customer, in fact. When I need something, anything, the first place I look is Amazon. It does not matter what it is. That’s how much faith I have in Amazon and their ability to serve and provide.

And so I wrote to them. This is what I wrote on 12/21/2008:

iHome IH9 Speaker System and Alarm Clock for iPod (Black)
Comments:I have been using the item since I received it, and have been extremely happy. When I went to turn it on today, it refused to turn on. The clock was still on, but it would not turn on the radio, ipod, the backlit screen, or anything else. Do I need to contact the manufacturer or can you help me? Thank you. dave

And I waited for a response. It didn’t take long, in typical Amazon fashion.  Look for the Amazon email in part 2.

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3 Responses to “ihome…i don’t, part 1”

  1. Katie Says:

    Did this problem ever work itself out?
    Apparently this product sucks. Mine just broke, and in doing a search on how to fix it, I came across so many stories about the same things happening to tons of other people.

  2. Mr. Wister Says:

    Nope, I’m in the process of writing to the company. What’s so disappointing about it is the product itself is great…apparently it’s just built like crap or something. I don’t know whether it uses cheap labor or something like that. All I can say at this point to those who haven’t yet bought it is think twice.

    The durability also amazes me because they were placed in the rooms of the hotel I stayed at in Reston, VA just in October. I was so amazed at it I jumped to buy it while I was ion the room. I thought “Hey, if it can withstand the beating hotel guests can throw at it, it should be able to withstand me.”

    Wow, was I ever wrong.

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